The promotion of health and prevention of disease is a proactive way to care for yourself. Preventive services such as physicals are used to assess the status of your overall health. We offer several types of physicals for adults and adolescents at Aria Health and Wellness.

What are physicals?

Physicals are examinations performed to assess your health. The specifics of your physical exam may depend on the type of physical you need, your age, sex, and overall health.

In general, your physical exam may include:

  • Check of heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration

  • Inspection of eyes, ears, nose, throat, and other body systems

  • Measurement of body composition

  • Laboratory testing

  • Palpation of your internal organs

  • Vision and/or hearing test

Types of physicals we offer:

Annual Physical
The annual physical is a comprehensive examination that reviews your overall health. A physical examination should be done yearly.

School Physical

Schools require a physical exam before classes can be started. The specifics of the school exam are dependent on the school’s requirements, but the examination often must gather information about immunizations.

Sports Physical 

Before participating in a sport, a specialized examination must be completed. This exam is a comprehensive evaluation that focuses on your physical health and ability to perform the sport without risk of injury. 

Biometric Screening 

A biometric screening is a general health check that can identify any significant cardiovascular or nervous system problems.  This health check provides several measures including cholesterol levels for full lipid panel, glucose, blood pressure, measurement of height, weight, and body mass index (BMI).